Touch me, remind me who I am

2015 / installation, watercolor animation, table, pillow (0:17:41)/ various size
2015 / installáció, akvarell animáció, asztal, párna (0:17:41) / változó méret

I projected one of the animation under a table. You can see two feet. Gently touch eachoter under the table. There is a bed next to the table with a big pillow. The second animation is projected on the pillow. You can see naked body parts and a shadow of a hand which don’t touch the body, just only the shadow caress.

Non Paralell Evolution Of Two Beings Who Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Each Other_: Why we’re going to meet someone? / Tribowl Cultural Center / South Korea / 2015

Tribowl Cultural Center / Incheon, Songdo / South Korea